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RSBP Ynys Hir Mural

  Summer time mural developed from observations through June and July 2015. I regularly visited the Domen Las hide through summer, this hide is a favourite among visitors as you never know what's going to come up and down the estuary. The hide looks out at the last big bend in the estuary before it passes between expansive bog on the south side and the foothills of Snowdonia nation park on the other towards the sea. The light has been beautifully clear a number of times with bright blue skies reflecting in the still waters below. I was able to get out on the estuary bank and onto the grassy wall that juts out into the water which was such a different experience to the confines of the hide. I had some amazing close up sights- a stoat wove in and out of the folding over hanging edges of the grassy bog, they are so tiny! Goosanders would swim by with lots of backwards glances as I would be goggling back at it- a favourite bird of mine! It was necessary to spend some time 'in m