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Isle of May June 23-30th

        Isle of May Trip 23 rd -30 th June with 5 other artists staying in the Bird Observatory ‘Low Light’, (Scotland’s oldest Bird Observatory- 1934). A spectacular island with high rising cliffs, rugged edges and more birds than I could cope with... This was my first visit to the island and with impending exhibition deadlines coming up I tried to make the most of it... With nearly ¼ of a million seabirds occupying every ledge, rock and hole on the island I had to make some decisions on what to work on over the week! This wasn’t difficult as I was so excited to be able to study the Guillemots and Puffins up close. Puffins at our door step :) ...   The weather was mostly blissfully sunny with a couple of days shrouded in an atmospheric sea mist. This offered some respite from capturing the drama of colour and light. I love an overcast day to focus solely on drawing form, movement and the behaviour of the birds, since I’m not missing the excitement of the ever sh