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Bardsey Island Artist Residencies- Autumn 2018 & Spring 2017

  Bardsey Island Art Residency September 2018   The view back to the house.   Another week on Bardsey island! This time in the Autumn.   The lighthouse in the evening light, too busy to paint it!   One week isn't long for capturing all, whilst exploring both subject and painting. With that in mind this second residency had a very clear focus. Seals, and of course their pups! I didn't know what to expect and was delighted at how many seal pups were on the island, and they continued to arrive over the week! It was a really special opportunity to witness their development from new born to taking their first bold little ventures out into the bay. These moments were particular favourites. With the tide high and the sun out, the water was clear and the seal pups and mums were visible swimming under water, with such a beautiful interplay of light and colour in the sea water. The young pups appear to be very buoyant and it was comical to see their back flippers