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Bardsey Island Art Residency September 2019

In Autumn 2019 I returned to Bardsey Island for a third artist residency granted by the Bardsey Island Trust. I was very excited to be visiting the island for the third year running. The weather was set to be wild, wet and windy which meant the boat was delayed one day for getting onto the island which was disappointing but then it was delayed for two days for the return journey, which was wonderful! A week is such a short length of time to draw inspiration from a whole island rich in wildlife, stunning views and so many hidden corners to explore! Once again there were many parts of the island I didn't see over the week, I mostly stayed on the lower rocky end sometimes sheltered from the wind and other times facing it head on to embrace the drama! First study of the week in progress, on the first evening on the island. I did a number of studies of the dawn view from the cottage, Carreg Bach that my partner Will and I stayed in. I often wo